Over the years we’ve noticed that many of our customers have websites built on the WordPress platform. During that time, we’ve also received calls from these customers for assistance because:

  • Their website has been hacked,
  • Important content has been deleted off their site (either accidentally or maliciously),
  • Visitors to the website are complaining it is too slow to load,
  • An SEO expert is recommending an SSL certificate to rank better on Google, or
  • Major work is being done on their site, and a test site is required.

Our solution for each of these problems is the same – we recommend migrating your WordPress website to WP Engine.

WP Engine is the market-leading managed WordPress hosting platform. With over 500,000 digital experiences powered by WP Engine and 2 million attacks blocked by the platform daily, WP Engine is quickly becoming the most popular platform for developing and hosting fast, reliable and secure WordPress websites.

7 reasons why WP Engine is the best platform for hosting your WordPress website:

1) Automated backups

One of the best features about WP Engine is that it automatically backs up your entire WordPress site every 24 hours, including staging and database, as well as having on demand back up ability. This means that in the case of a disaster, you can easily recover your site and all of your data.

2) Live Security service

With more threat types than ever, it is critical for businesses to invest in website security as a strategic insurance policy. WP Engine’s Live Security teams and Enterprise Security Environment use state of the art technology to block over 150 million cyber-attacks each month. In fact, WP Engine is so confident in their security guarantee, that in the rare instance of compromise they take full responsibility for cleaning up the mess.

3) Speed and performance boost

As the world’s leading WordPress digital experience platform, WP Engine understand how important the performance and speed of your website is to any modern-day business. Their Digital Experience Platform leverages the strengths of Google Cloud Platform and AWS to deliver powerful, high performance cloud solutions that support your business with the speed required in today’s competitive online marketplace.

When tested on over 12,000 sites, WP Engine provided an average 38% performance boost.

4) 24/7 expert WordPress support

WP Engine provides award-winning WordPress specific support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. Their team of over 200 WordPress support technicians boast an average response time of under 2 minutes, helping them to become the 3 x winner of the Gold Stevie® award for best tech customer support in the world.

5) Automated SSL certificates

SSL certification has never been more important, with Google now prioritising sites with SSL certificates in their search results, and actively warning against sites without. WP Engine includes a simple and free automatically renewed SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt®, who use industry leading encryption to make sure your site is protected.

6) 1-Click Staging

A business with numerous accounts accessing the bank-end of the WordPress website for editing and developing faces a high risk of accidental loss of data or content. WP Engine uses automated 1-Click Staging environments so that developers can easily make changes to your site, and test them, without your live site being affected. If a mistake is still made, the automated backup features ensure you’ll be able to easily undo the changes and recover what was lost.

7) Content Performance Dash

WP Engine’s Content Performance Dashboard helps give businesses a competitive edge in their online strategy, by providing insights in to which piece of content, posts, products and authors are performing best on your site. This provides valuable information on what’s working and where you can retarget your strategy to ensure the success of your digital marketing efforts.

For further information on these WP Engine benefits, click here to download a comprehensive WP Engine fact sheet.

WordPress hosting with WP Engine

Hosting on the WP Engine platform is valued at $50 per month (plus GST). Whilst this is probably more than what you're currently paying for website hosting, our experience in IT support for WordPress customers suggests this is a wise investment when considering the value of the above business benefits.

To find out more please contact us by filling out an enquiry form and we'll arrange for a member of our Professional Services team to discuss your migration strategy to the WP Engine hosting platform in greater detail.