One of the advantages of a software based phone solution is that new software upgrades for the 3CX solution are regularly released to provide increased functionality, security and productivity.

If you've got Sonos devices installed at your home, you'll know exactly what I mean - over time the same Sonos speakers have got better and better because of software updates.

Why 3CX Maintenance is Important

3CX Maintenance entitles you to one year of free updates, tested phone firmware, security updates and the smartphone clients. This includes major version releases as well as minor updates and cyber security updates.

Ensure Ongoing Reliability and Achieve Increased Productivity

NetCare recommends purchasing 3CX maintenance and then arranging for our 3CX qualified engineers to install all software updates to ensure you have the most reliable and stable phone system possible.

In addition, it means you can use all the latest features to ensure you and your team are all as productive as possible when it comes to communicating with your customers and your suppliers.

Typically, installation takes two to three hours, including implementation and training on the new features.

Check NOW that You're Up-To-Date with your 3CX Software

If you choose not to renew your 3CX maintenance when it becomes due, your phone system will still function in the current state, but a much higher-priced full version upgrade will need to be purchased before any future updates can be applied.

Well, actually there's one other option if your 3CX version is still officially supported by 3CX and that's to convert your perpetual license to an annual license. This may be a worthwhile option to consider - especially if your 3CX software version is a long way behind the latest version.

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