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How are we different?

NetCare Technology Success managed IT service is focused on providing a whole-of-business technology solution, partnering with you to achieve your business goals.


Your IT infrastructure is critical to your business operations. Whether your concern is IT security, cloud-hosting, or regular day-to-day monitoring, NetCare's centralised services team will ensure optimal functionality at all times.


Accountability is the key consideration when it comes to IT support. You want to know that there is not just accountability for IT functionality, but also for budget allowance. NetCare Support provides total accountability.


When it comes to IT, one thing is consistent – change. NetCare’s Technical Alignment Engineers ensure that your technical infrastructure continues to evolve with your business requirements and goals.


Real technology success comes from working closely with your business leadership team. From technology strategy roadmaps to budget planning for business IT requirements, our team is focused on your success.

AEC Industry specialists

As with most industries, IT has changed the pace of and approach to doing business throughout the AEC sector. Whether it’s keeping up with cutting-edge VR and AI technology, or pragmatic concerns around training and security, architectural, engineering and construction groups face the need to adopt and adapt to remain competitive.

NetCare Technology Success provides the optimal approach to IT management and support for our AEC clients. Our 'whole-solution' approach provides a combination of strategy roadmaps, budget planning, infrastructure audits and day-to-day services and support to ensure our clients can focus on the job of doing business.