More so than ever before we are relying on the Internet for the administration of our professional lives - banking, bills, ordering, cloud-based applications, memberships, management tools and accounts of all sorts…

We can no longer be expected to remember so many passwords!

And of course, the increasingly prevalent threat of cyber crime tells us we shouldn’t use the same password across numerous platforms for security reasons… so what’s the solution?

Why you should be using LastPass

LastPass is a trusted and reliable password management tool that remembers your passwords for you, and can be used company-wide to manage all your operations securely and efficiently.

At NetCare, we said goodbye to sticky notes and memory games 6 years ago for the convenience of LastPass, and highly recommend LastPass for both individual and business use.

How LastPass Works:

LastPass works as a password management vault that is installed as an extension to your browser, or accessed as a mobile application, where you store all your passwords safe and easy access.

This vault is accessed using one strong master password; from where you can browse through all your added sites to retrieve, generate and manage your own catalog of unique and secure passwords.

Read the simple 3-Step Guide to installing LastPass here.

Features & Benefits of LastPass

Above all, as password managers LastPass’s number one priority is safeguarding your data – built with strong encryption codes and master password access that is only known by you.

With the Federal Government estimating that up to 700,000 Australian businesses have fallen victim to cyber crime… data protection has never been more relevant.

LastPass includes multi-factor authentication

An important new feature of LastPass is that it also supports Multifactor Authentication as an additional layer of security. LastPass detects when you use a new PC or logon from a different IP Address and it confirms your Authentication Code as a second step. This stops people or bots from guessing your password and protects against phishing.

For further information on safely storing your Internet passwords, contact us now and we'll guide you through the setup process.