If you're an international company with a Sydney office who is looking for a local professional IT service provider, there are three main factors you need to consider:

  1. Technical Skills
  2. Business Awareness
  3. Trust

Technical Skills

You need to know that you're engaging qualified Microsoft and Cisco IT professionals who are used to working within an enterprise IT environment that has security and standards in place that must be adhered to at all times.

Business Awareness

You need to work with an IT services provider who understands the unique requirements of the AEC industry (architects, engineers and construction). A provider who is aware that business continuity and reliability is critical, and that all IT services must be carried out in a way that minimises productivity impact on business operations.


Finally, you need to ensure that you're working with an IT services provider who you can trust. A provider who you can trust with admin access to your systems, who you can trust to adhere to your specific instructions, and who you can trust to complete tasks and projects on time, every time.

Introducing NetCare Smart Hands

'Smart Hands' provides IT resources on an as-required basis – and is delivered via our NetCare OnDemand support plan.

The premise of Smart Hands is that NetCare are your IT hands, ears and eyes onsite at your Australian offices, as and when required. For some customers this can also extend to the provision of phone and remote access support during the local work day, to ensure fast response times to user issues.

Consider NetCare for your Sydney IT Services Requirements

We've got a long and successful track record of providing IT support and services to multinational organisations with operations in Australia. Here's some case studies:

  1. US based business with 40 staff working in the Sydney office - NetCare provide helpdesk support during the local business day, with integrated notifications and escalations going to the Boston-based IT Department helpdesk system. NetCare also serve as the Smart Hands for provisioning of infrastructure hardware to the point where the IT Department can "see" the hardware and complete the installation.
  2. Germany based business with Sydney office - Use Netcare as their Smart Hands when new HP server hardware needs to be deployed, and to assist with reactive IT on-site support issues on an as-required basis.
  3. Switzerland based multi-national with decentralised IT environment, and some individual country flexibility in applications - NetCare works with the local management team on technology strategy and support, whilst also liaising with the Swiss-based IT team on infrastructure management (for example router and VPN security).
  4. US based business with 30 staff based in Sydney and Melbourne - The local business required quicker response times than what could be provided from the Houston based IT helpdesk due to the differing time zones. NetCare provided on-site, phone and remote access support to ensure IT issues were addressed promptly and in accordance with company standards.

To find out more about how NetCare can provide IT support to your Sydney-based AEC business, get in contact today by filling out an enquiry form.