NetCare Cloud Backup is a comprehensive service that ensures backups are performed consistently and reliably without daily human intervention. It provides continuous 15 minute backups to a NAS drive 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, so that the amount of data potentially lost is always minimized.

This is complemented by an overnight backup of changes in your data across the Internet to our secure offsite location. The whole backup process is monitored by our system and alerts are generated if any problems occur.

This effectively means you’ve got two restore options available to you at all times – the on-site copy and the off-site copy.

Powered by ShadowProtect Software

NetCare has standardised on the deployment of ShadowProtect as a core component of our IT support plans. ShadowProtect SPX is installed on each virtual instance and file server backups run every 30 minutes. Other servers are generally backed up every hour. ImageManager is used to replicate to an on-premise NAS drive, then offsite to NetCare’s dedicated and isolated cloud backup.

The Best Backup Strategy

We believe NetCare Cloud Backup is the best backup strategy for your business. It's fully automated – there’s no human requirement to change media every day ever again - and a copy of your data is also backed up across the Internet to a secure secondary location.

NetCare Server Backup

Our “second best” option is NetCare Server Backup. We still backup snapshots of your servers every 15 minutes, so that there is always a very recent onsite disk backup available. But for the second step, instead of backing up across the Internet, we backup to a series of external drives every night.

These drives are then swapped out every day by a trustworthy employee who also takes responsibility for taking the external disk media off-site, just like they may well do now with tape or disk media. The big advantage over your current tape-based solution though is that even if tapes don’t get swapped over every day, a backup is still done every night to the onsite drive.