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Netcare Technology Success

Our Unique Perspective on IT Support, focuses on the integration of People, Process and Technology to provide IT solutions and services that enable your company to be more productive and secure.

IT Services with Strategic Guidance

Netcare Technology Success best suits if you value and need a comprehensive IT strategy and support service to help your business be more productive and more secure.

Your IT infrastructure will be monitored and tuned by our Centralised Services team to ensure it remains in an optimal, productive, and secure state. This team operates 24 hours per day on every business day (24x5).

All your staff can directly contact the Netcare HelpDesk for their day-to-day IT support issues every business day between 7am and 7pm. Our support services for their resolution are fully included in your monthly fee, including on-site work if that's required.

The two key ingredients in our unique Netcare Technology Success process are Technology Alignment and Business Outcomes. This is achieved by the assignment of both a TAM (Technical Alignment Manager) and a vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer).

Both team members will engage in separate regularly scheduled sessions with you to ensure that your technology investment continues to be optimized for protection from cyber security threats, whilst aligning with your evolving business requirements.

Why Netcare?

  • People Process Technology
  • Technology Success
  • More Productive and More Secure

The Essence of Technology Success

The above list of inclusions is provided by both our Support and Centralised Services teams. We like to think that this service delivery is at least as good as any other IT Services Provider in Sydney.

However, that list is not what really differentiates Netcare from our peers. We feel our biggest benefit to our clients is our Technology Success process, which involves the appointment of both a TAM and a vCIO:

TAM role – Standards & Alignment

The focus of the TAM role is to adopt standards and best practices for your technology environment. The technical alignment process review process delivers a unique end result.

Standards and alignment is a true proactive service with standardization through best practices. It works to reduce reactive issues, identify technical risk, and provide long-term planning. Standards allow the definition of technical best practices and aligning your technology against them. Reviewing them shows progress and identifies technical risk.

vCIO role – Impact and Strategy

The vCIO has a business level relationship with you. The TAM performs an alignment review and passes the recommendations to the vCIO. An alignment review creates recommendations to remediate misaligned standards. The vCIO meets with you for monthly strategy meetings. The purpose of each strategy meeting is to discuss relevant business strategy, plan budgets, and identify business risk.

Netcare Technology Success Process

We promise you will be more productive and more secure within 90 days or your money back.

Netcare Technology Success Inclusions

The Technology Success agreement provides comprehensive support services for all the agreed technology products within your organization, including:

  • Helpdesk Support (7 am to 7 pm on all business days) 24 scheduled all-day on-site visits per year (12 x Technical Alignment, 12 x IT Admin/Support)
  • Critical On-site Support for hardware and software that is covered by a vendor warranty and/or a vendor maintenance contract
  • After-Hours Remote Support for business-critical issues (24 x 5)
  • Server Hardware Support
  • Hypervisor Support
  • Server Operating System Support
  • Network Device Support
  • Microsoft Windows and Microsoft 365 Updates
  • Backup Solution Monitoring
  • Malware Solution Provision and Monitoring
  • Ransomware Detection with automatic network isolation and termination of ransomware processes
  • Server Applications Support
  • Partner Applications Support
  • Third-Party Applications Support
  • Phone System Liaison
  • VoIP Applications Support (if provided and/or approved by Netcare)
  • ISP Liaison
  • New Workstation Checklist
  • User Onboarding and Offboarding Checklist
  • System Documentation