There has been another ransomware breakout around the world - a variant of the WannaCry attack dubbed GoldenEye. It has severely impacted on some large organisations around the world, including some Australian subsidiaries.

To minimise the potential for this ransomware to impact on your computer systems, NetCare recommend all your staff are vigilant by always following these 4 rules:

  • When reviewing new emails, carefully scrutinise the full email - especially the sender's domain name - for any signs of someone pretending to be someone they're not;
  • Always be cautious opening email attachments - DO NOT open attachments from senders you don't know;
  • Always be cautious clicking on links in an email - DO NOT click on a link in an email from senders you don't know; and
  • Always turn your computers OFF before you go home.

If you feel your computer has been infected, immediately remove the network cable THEN switch the computer off, THEN remove the power cord, THEN notify NetCare on (02) 9114-9901.