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Our AEC industry focus

As with most industries, IT has changed the pace of and approach to doing business throughout the AEC sector. Whether it’s keeping up with cutting-edge VR and AI technology, or pragmatic concerns around training and security, architectural, engineering and construction groups face the need to adopt and adapt to remain competitive.


The move from 2D to 3D software, combined with an increased ability to work remotely, has not only created a shift in the approach to project development but has also impacted client expectations around speed of delivery. In addition, intellectual property issues can arise, and the potential for front-end over-investment means it’s critical to ensure IT systems are effectively audited and supported to facilitate both the commercial and creative aspects of an architectural practice.


Collaboration is essential between AEC businesses, as documentation and plans move between architects, builders, and of course engineers & surveyors. New technologies have opened up the possibilities for document sharing and management, but at the same time have created new requirements around staff training. New systems and applications bring their challenges, especially to some of the more traditionally trained staff, and reliable IT support has become necessary for the successful day-to-day running of engineering and surveying businesses.


The proliferation of mobile devices has changed the face of the construction industry. Gone is the need to attend a building site loaded down with paper – everything can now be handled on a tablet, from reviewing plans to taking photos to completing administrative tasks, all while on site. This new mobility combined with the rise of file sharing via document management software systems has seen security become of critical importance to construction companies.

NetCare Technology Success provides the optimal approach to IT management and support for our AEC clients. Our ‘whole-solution’ approach provides a combination of strategy roadmaps, budget planning, infrastructure audits and day-to-day services and support to ensure our clients can focus on the job of doing business.