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In general, the process of application development, data analysis, and automation is performed by IT and development teams that go through different phases of application development which is time-consuming and costly.

Microsoft has introduced a package of tools to help companies easily create a culture of innovation and uncover value that they couldn’t access before. This package of tools is called Microsoft Power Platform.

What’s Included in Microsoft Power Platform?

The platform includes a set of four applications designed to work together to help companies build and tailor their technology ecosystem and gain powerful insights into their business.

The four apps included in Microsoft Power Platform are:

  • Power Bi: A powerful business analytics dashboard that aggregates data from multiple sources into meaningful reports
  • Power Apps: Easy-to-use platform for designing powerful internal-use business applications
  • Power Automate: Helps you connect your SaaS tools to create automated workflows and mitigate the need for manual tasks or data entry
  • Power Virtual Agents: A tool to improve customer experience and response times through the development of flexible chatbots

How Do These Power Platform Apps Benefit My Business?

Many small and mid-sized companies are held back by limitations such as SaaS tools that don’t exactly fit their needs, the inability to analyse data across multiple channels, and staff time limitations.

Using the tools in the Microsoft Power Platforms democratises things like custom business app creation and generating detailed business analytics. This makes it less expensive and less complex for SMBs to gain the advantages that come from controlling and customising their cloud ecosystem.

There is no expensive development needed with custom coding. The tools provided by Microsoft make it possible for even smaller companies to gain advanced digital transformation benefits.

According to Microsoft, the use of MS Power Platform can deliver an ROI of 502% over just three years.

A Dynamic Combination of Four Key Digital Applications

Let’s take a look at each of the four applications that you get with Microsoft Power Platform to see how they can fuel your technology success.

Power Bi

Without insight into all your data, you could easily make expensive business mistakes. For example, a cross-reference between data on order cancellations and customer service response times could pinpoint the reason you’re losing business.

Power Bi allows you to connect all your data sources to one analytics dashboard. This enables hundreds of different data visualisations that you may have never had before because you can cross-reference data from different areas of your operations.

The speed of the reporting because the system is automated, allows you to immediately identify downward trends and correct them before they significantly impact your bottom line.

Power Apps

Do you have to change your workflows to match your SaaS tool limitations? Has the thought of building your own custom internal business application been disregarded due to the cost?

Power Apps makes it possible for any size company to build and launch internal applications in record time. It uses pre-built logic templates and a comprehensive drag-and-drop interface to simplify the application creation process.

Using Power Apps allows you to design the software that works for your needs, rather than having to change what you do because of capability shortcomings in pre-packaged cloud tools.

Power Automate

The cost of doing things manually has been rising. Payroll software provider Paycom currently estimates that the cost of each manual entry is approximately AU$6.32.

Power Automate allows you to build out digital workflows that populate data from one app to another and trigger actions automatically to reduce the need for manual entries.

Automation also reduces mistakes that can be made by manual entry and can help you avoid dropped balls when someone forgets to log an entry or initiate a process in a workflow.

Power Virtual Agents

Customer experience is a key factor in how many leads you convert to sales and how many customers you retain. People expect assistance fast, even if they happen to be on your website reviewing your products at 1:00 AM.

Power Virtual Agents enables you to create smart and powerful chatbots that you can deploy across multiple online channels to provide helpful information 24/7.

You can engage with customers in multiple languages and across channels like Facebook, mobile apps, websites, Microsoft Teams, and more.

IBM estimates that chatbots can save businesses as much as 30% on their customer service costs.

The bots are powered by AI and have a self-leaning capability, thus they can continue to learn and become more powerful over time as more data and KPIs are collected.

Ready to Take Your Business Capabilities Up a Notch or Two?

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