Most IT services providers focus on people and technology. For example, their salesperson may proudly say:

"We have great people!"

"We have the latest and greatest software tools to monitor your systems."

However, this misses a key element to bringing everything together. What most IT service providers don't have are good, documented processes throughout their business.

NetCare does.

At NetCare, we have a unique perspective on the way that IT services should be delivered, and a key component of our service delivery is built around the People, Process, Technology Framework.

What is the People, Process, and Technology Framework?

The People, Process, and Technology framework was first designed on a model for driving organisational change. That model revolved around the joining of multiple factors to achieve a successful business transition.

The original model was called Levitt’s Diamond Model, and it incorporated four factors to address when driving change:

  • People
  • Technology
  • Structure
  • Tasks

Over time, Tasks and Structure were combined into “Process” and the model evolved into the three core elements needed for successful business operations as well as transformations, which are:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

This framework is referred to as the Golden Triangle.

Let’s discuss why it’s vital to have each of these three elements working together in just about anything you do, from the adoption of new software to improving your customer support experience.


People are the element that gets the work done. You need employees to make the critical decisions that technology alone can’t make, and to handle the heavy lifting of the day-to-day operations of a business.

While machines have gotten smarter with AI over the years, technology alone can’t keep things operating or get work done in an office, factory, or warehouse facility daily.

Your people are the heart of your business operations.

At NetCare that means we choose the best and brightest people to work with us and ensure they have a chance to properly develop their skills through comprehensive training.

We also help our clients keep their people well-trained when it comes to the technology they work with and how to keep it secure.


Without a process, work would be erratic and inconsistent. People would end up having to “reinvent the wheel” every time they did the same thing. This is incredibly inefficient and can keep a company from growing.

Using a process provides the instructions people need to complete their daily tasks, such as: First you receive the customer call, then you enter it into the CRM, then you notify the appropriate department (sales or support).

A process provides:

  • Repeatable steps to get work done.
  • A consistent flow for tasks that can be easily trained
  • The ability to add automation and optimise your process
  • Mistake mitigation

When new technology is implemented, it can often eliminate manual processes and time wasted on inefficiency. For example, according to Rick Morris, owner of R2 Consulting, often when adopting new technology, the optimisation of processes can reduce productivity waste by 30-40%.

When working with clients on everything from email optimisation to cybersecurity, we ensure there is a logical process in place that connects People and Technology. The Process is like the glue that holds things together and provides both a foundation and roadmap for efficiency.


The technology you use provides your business with the power to accomplish tasks more efficiently. Imagine if we had to go back to sending snail mail instead of instantly communicating via email or messaging.

Both the software and hardware your business uses need to be chosen and integrated purposefully, otherwise, you can end up with waste that costs you money and productivity.

Business cloud waste nearly doubled between 2018 and 2019.

Technology needs to be implemented as a holistic environment, and not one component at a time. This is is an integral part of our Technolgy Success process that we provide to our ensure all parts of their technology infrastructure are working in unison.

What Are the Advantages of Working With an IT Provider to Align People, Process, and Technology?

When your people, technology, and processes are aligned, your business gains multiple benefits that can help you grow, become more profitable, and reduce costs.

Some of the key advantages include:

  • Scale: Processes that connect your people and technology allow for scalability as you grow.
  • Automation: When your people are in alignment with the technology they use daily, you can add automation processes that allow your team to achieve more in less time.
  • Efficiency: The alignment of your People, Processes, and Technology illustrates the peak of efficiency, with all parts working in unison.
  • Cost Reduction: You can reduce waste and excess costs for applications or other technology you may not need when you align these three important resources.

Optimise & Lower Costs With Help from NetCare

NetCare can help your Sydney area business put your people, processes, and technology in alignment to reduce your costs and improve profitability.

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