Are you still using a manual sign-in sheet for visitors? This type of manual process is incredibly time-consuming and not easy to search.

Say that you need to find the name of someone that visited your facility two weeks ago. With a manual “pen and paper” system, you have to go through several sheets, scan down all the names, and hope their name was written legibly so you can identify it.

In a study of work efficiency by Cognizant, it was found that approximately 22% of an employee’s time is spent on repetitive manual tasks.

Many businesses need to keep visitor logs as part of their overall facility security. But you can have the best of both worlds and keep detailed visitor logs without it being a time-consuming process.

Visitor Management Systems

Visitor management systems are tools that help organisations create or carry out their visitor management policies. As companies realise the value of visitor management, many are upgrading from the paper and pen sign-in sheet to a digital visitor management system that can help them do much more.

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One of the ways we help companies improve visitor management is through Sine, a simple, yet powerful, visitor management system.

How Sine Can Streamline Your Visitor Management Process

By using the capabilities of the cloud, Sine makes visitor management simple and easy. You can collect the vital data you need in much less time, search past visitor logs with ease, and make the process less onerous for your visitors.

Here are several of the advantages of moving from a manual log-in system to a digital one.

#1 Visitor Management Made Easy

No more looking through sheets of paper visitor logs to find a person’s name. Admins, security, and front desk personnel spend much less time logging in visitors because the system becomes automated and searchable.

Visitors can check-in and enter information on an iPad, and personnel instantly have the details needed to print a badge and meet security policies.

Everything is legible because it’s being typed in, not hand-written. Logs can be easily bought up by searching a date, name, or another parameter.

#2 Effortless Front Desk Check-In for Your Visitors

With a manual process, visitors often must stand waiting at a desk while the front desk attendant makes a copy of a photo ID and checks over the log to ensure they’ve filled everything out. Meantime, the visitor is hoping they’re not going to be late for a meeting.

Sine makes the check-in process effortless for everyone. Visitors simply enter their information on the screen and don’t have to fish around for a pen or pencil.

And for repeat visitors, the process is even easier. Once someone is in your visitor management system, a free mobile app can automatically check a visitor in as soon as it detects them using geofencing technology. No need to continually sign in at the front desk each time.

#3 Custom Branded iPad and Kiosk

Present a more professional image to visitors with a custom branded iPad and kiosk that’s set up at your lobby entrance. Visitors can quickly enter their details, and by the time they walk a few paces to the front desk, the security personnel already know who they are and they can move on to their destination.

#4 Photo ID for Enhanced Security

No struggling with a copier or having visitors wait while you add more toner so you can take a copy of their photo ID.

The photo ID image can be taken in seconds through the SinePoint Pro iPad app, making the process more time-efficient for everyone. You also get a crisp image to ensure clear identification of all details.

#5 Instant Badge Printing

Adding a badge to your visitor process increases site security. This process doesn’t need to be time-consuming for your team or your visitors when you use Sine’s visitor management software.

Badges are printed automatically when check-in is completed, so there is no long wait. Because the system is digital and visitors are entering their own information for the badge, there are fewer spelling errors and improved data accuracy.

#6 Powerful Reporting

Using a digital system allows you to greatly improve insights from your visitor management. You can see live activity and know immediately who is currently on-site, without having to page through sheets looking at check-out times.

You can also analyze visitor statistics such as visitor type, the device type used for check-in, and other criteria.

The system allows you to easily view visitor logs across different sites and attach hosts to each site.

Improve Your Visitor Management System Today

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