Now that we're working from home and reducing visits to our customers, we need a new way to sign off on documents. It has become much more complicated to get people together, and as a result, important contracts can be left in limbo waiting on a signature.

Say that you’ve just received a large purchase order from a client, but before they can initiate the payment, the PO has to be signed and sent back. If the team member that needs to sign the PO is working at home with no ability to scan in a signed document, that can delay important revenue.

Companies rely on all types of documents, both internal and external, in their day-to-day operations, these can include:

  • Customer contracts
  • Purchase orders
  • Employee agreements
  • Legal letters
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Vendor/supplier paperwork
  • Change orders

How can you get a legal signature on a document more easily? Through eSigning.

What is eSigning?

eSigning, or digital signature, is a process that associates a signer with a document using a specific type of electronic key. The eSignature is legally binding, just as a non-electronic signature would be.

Using eSigning can significantly speed up the document signing process and solve the problem with not having everyone in the same place.

At NetCare, as part of our Technology Success Support for Sydney area businesses, we use and recommend the Nitro Productivity Suite to provide both PDF productivity and eSigning capabilities.

This all-in-one solution helps streamline digital workflow and eliminate document obstacles that waste time.

What are the Benefits of eSigning & PDF Productivity?

Often companies are suffering from inefficiencies that they’re not even aware of. Time spent printing and re-scanning documents or contracts being stalled awaiting a signature can eat away at a company’s profits.

According to the Nitro 2020 Productivity Report, by conquering inefficiencies, companies can help their workforce do more with their time, manage complex document processes, and have better job satisfaction.

Here are a few important statistics that tell the story:

  • 97% of surveyed employees said there was room for improvement in the way their company handles documents.
  • 59% of employees said better document processes would save them time.
  • More than one-third of workers have to manually sign documents every day.

If manual document processes have been holding back your company’s productivity, here are some ways that implementing digital signatures and other document handling tools can help.

#1 Reduce Costs

By using digital signatures in your workflow, you can eliminate certain expenses related to printing, paper, and postage. For example, rather than needing to print out two copies of a document, and mail both for signature, and then send a prepaid return envelope for one, you can do everything digitally.

It’s not only more efficient, it cost less in hard paper/postage costs and staff time.

#2 Save Time

Getting paid for a purchase order today rather than two weeks from now can make a big difference in cash flow for many small businesses. Using eSigning significantly speeds up the process for all types of documents.

When documents are not efficiently managed in a digital format, it can also cause employees to take unnecessary time trying to track them down.

Employees spend on average 19.8% of their workday searching for information they need for their job.

#3 Better Tracking & Security

Paperwork with manual signatures is often stored outside your company’s digital security framework. This makes them both more difficult to find (no keyword search) and gives you the limited ability for security and tracking.

Keeping your signed contracts in digital form, can improve security and compliance and provide you with audit trails.

#4 Reduces Office Space Needs

Another benefit of using digital signatures is that you can store files in the cloud or on a server, rather than needing to reserve office space for filing cabinets. Fewer space requirements can translate to lower costs for your office operations overall.

#5 Eliminate Bottlenecks in Processes

It’s not unusual for a project or work process to become stalled while someone is waiting on a signed approval. This slows everyone down and can leave things stalled at one particular point.

eSignatures take just a moment and the document can quickly move on its way to the next step, keeping your process flowing smoothly.

#6 Enhance Collaboration

Using digital tools for document handling, allows your team to collaborate effortlessly using cloud-based platforms. Documents are able to be annotated and have comments tracked in real-time.

#7 Keep Track of Documents for Compliance

Data security compliance requires organizations to control access to sensitive files. With a fully digital document solution, compliance is made easier because you have document access reporting, digital trails, and other data that can tell you when a document was accessed, which pages were viewed, and more.

#8 Improve Company Sustainability

By reducing the number of documents your company prints, you’re increasing sustainability. Reducing your environmental impact is not only positive for your organization, but it can also be a factor that attracts both clients and talent.

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