Backing up your data (emails, folders and files) stored in Microsoft 365 is important for any modern business. When files are lost, deleted or corrupted due to human error, cyber attacks or noncompliance, you need to have an effective way of recovering data whilst incurring minimal loss of time and money to the business.

Microsoft does backup the data of Microsoft 365 users, but their standard backup services have varying limitations that may not suit the requirements of your business (learn more here).

For example, you will need to consider a third-party backup tool if:

  • If you need to restore a single file, such as one email message, in to a mailbox (Microsoft can only restore the entire mailbox),
  • If you need to restore items that are beyond the default Microsoft 365 retention periods (for example data from 12 months ago),
  • If you need to restore data to a location of your choice, without overwriting existing data,
  • If you are looking to restore a whole mailbox, SharePoint site collection or OneDrive for Business without logging a support ticket with Microsoft,
  • Or if you want control of the schedule of when backups actually take place.

Introducing NetCare Backup Success

NetCare Backup Success is a third-party tool (powered by Datto) that offers market-leading efficiency in automated backup service, and is easy to set-up and operate. Backup Success allows you to easily recover accidentally or maliciously deleted Microsoft 365 data, guard against application outages or cyber attacks, and gives you the confidence of being in complete control of your company’s data.

Benefits of Backup Success for Microsoft 365 backup and recovery

#1 Makes recovering files easy

Backup Success captures point-in-time snapshots of each users’ Microsoft Exchange Online, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint Online, Calendar and Contacts three times a day. Robust search parameters allow you to zero-in on a single email, contact, file or complete folder and restore with just a few clicks.

Set-up only takes a few minutes, with no on-premises infrastructure required. Admins can check-up on backup status anytime anywhere with the cloud-managed user interface.

#2 Saves valuable time in recovering lost data

Lodging a support ticket with Microsoft adds a lot of time to the process of recovering lost data. With Backup Success, you are in control of your company’s data, and can take action immediately when data loss occurs.

#3 No-limitations to data recovery

Microsoft 365 maintains data using a retention process, where old data will eventually be aged out after a period of time (varies by service and license agreement). For example, deleted data is typically held in the recycle bin for 90 days, after which there is no recovery. Microsoft would not be able to restore a whole mailbox from 12 months ago, because as you can appreciate, storing this amount of data across all mailboxes would be enormous.

With Backup Success, you can easily access backed up data at both site, file and folder level from any time in the past, with unlimited storage options that ensure protection no matter how much data your users generate.

#4 Reduce Microsoft licensing fees

An active Microsoft 365 license is required to access data, which can create a problem accessing data of inactive or de-provisioned users. In a modern business where new users may come and go, retaining licenses of departed employees can be expensive.

Backup Success automatically archives deactivated user data across all Microsoft plans, saving you considerable licensing fees.

#5 Restore data without losing existing files

When Microsoft restores mailboxes and SharePoint data, the restore overwrites whatever data currently exists in that location. Restored data from Microsoft cannot be recovered into an alternate location.

Backup Success offers the flexibility of being able to restore the specific files you need to a location of your choice, without the threat of losing existing data. In a full service restore file and folder structure will also be kept intact.

Understanding your Microsoft 365 backup needs

Ultimately, your business’s Microsoft 365 backup needs will be as unique as your business. Whether or not you should look to incorporate a third party back up tool like Backup Success, or rely on Microsoft’s inbuilt recovery systems is an individual decision.

For expert information or advice on the best option for your business, please contact NetCare.

For more information about Backup Success, check out the Datto website.