When you’re juggling IT priorities along with other business costs, it can be a difficult decision whether to invest in technology management and monitoring, or just keep your fingers crossed hoping nothing goes wrong.

If your computers and network seem to be okay, you may put off signing up for an IT management plan, thinking you’ll get around to that later. But a sudden server crash or compounding downtime from staff dealing with IT issues can mean you pay dearly for choosing reactive versus proactive service.

Reactive IT fixes mean waiting until something goes wrong and then having it fixed. This can be expensive because it not only means your computers aren’t getting the maintenance they need for their expected lifespan, but also due to the cost of downtime and emergency repairs.

The cost of downtime for a professional services business with 20 staff can easily be over $2,000 per hour.

On the other hand, proactive IT service is when your devices are monitored continually for any signs of an issue, so it can be addressed before it results in downtime. This also includes regular maintenance to ensure your IT infrastructure is healthy and secure.

Businesses are so reliant on technology for every area of their operations that when your IT goes down, so does your business, which can mean devastating consequences to your bottom line.

Reasons to Choose a Proactive IT Support Plan

The cost of each un-managed computer is approximately $7,270 every year.

This is largely due to costs associated with:

  • Downtime
  • Loss of productivity when employees are dealing with IT issues
  • Security breaches
  • Expensive repairs

Waiting for something to go wrong before addressing it is a recipe for problems and leads to paying more than you need to for your IT. The following are several reasons to be proactive when it comes to technology management.

Lower IT Management Costs

When you chose proactive service rather than reactive fixes, you can save 2x to 5x on your IT costs as compared to waiting until something breaks to have it fixed.

So, instead of paying more, you’re actually paying less when you sign up for a monthly managed IT plan because standard maintenance costs that keep systems from breaking down cost much less than emergency repair costs.

Improved Employee Productivity

If your workers have to spend 15 minutes here and 45 minutes there struggling with IT issues, they’re not able to focus on their work. Additionally, when technology is not working well, it slows your team down and reduces their productivity.

With a proactive support plan, your technology runs smoothly, and your employees also have an IT pro to turn to when they need assistance with their hardware or software.

Improved Data Security

Proactive IT support means that your network has a watchful eye on it 24/7 so you’re alerted automatically of any threats to your network. Managed IT service plans also generally include patch and update management, so you don’t have to worry whether or not all your devices are being updated in a timely manner. With update management, your network and devices are much less vulnerable to an attack.

Predictable Monthly Cost

Rather than IT costs being unpredictable and varying widely from month to month, as they do when you’re only reactive to IT issues, you can have a predictable monthly cost.

Proactive managed service plans cover just about every IT cost, including technical support, so you know exactly what your technology costs are going to be each month without any surprises coming from out of the blue.

Compliments Business Continuity

It’s important to be resilient, which is why many organisations plan for business continuity to ensure they reduce risks of operation-stopping events and plan strategies to stay up and running no matter what.

When your technology infrastructure is being proactively managed, it means that things like backup and recovery are being handled, so you have much less of a chance of being taken down by a ransomware attack or other data loss incident.

Less Stress & Peace of Mind

If you’re having to stop what you’re doing to handle an IT problem every week, not only is that stressful, it’s also taking time away from focusing on your business.

It’s hard to put a price on peace of mind, but it’s a significant benefit of knowing that one of the most important components of your business operations are being monitored, managed, and taken care of so it’s running at top efficiency.

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