In the previous blog post we outlined the primary features of Office 365 for your business, but as we mentioned then, there’s so much more…

However, while Office 365’s core software and applications dominate the business world, there are a few lesser known Office 365 apps that can drive some real efficiencies in day to day business tasks.

In this article we will look at three handy apps, Microsoft Booking, Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Teams - and discuss how they can help benefit business operations.

1) Microsoft Booking

Anyone who’s ever worked in a corporate environment can understand the frustrating email chain below:

Email 1: Hi Sue, when are you free this week to meet up? Kind regards, John

Email 2: Hi John, free Wednesday 3pm onward. Kind regards, Sue

Email 3: Hi Sue, can’t do Wednesday sorry, out of office. Does Thursday suit? Kind regards, John

Email 4: Can’t do Thursday sorry, Friday morning?

Email 5: I’m booked until after lunch, can you do 2pm?

Email 6: I’m off-site in the afternoon, could do 12:30 - 1:00pm?

… you get the picture!

Email, with its implied formalities and slow-response culture, is not the best forum to be trying to set up a meeting.

Enter Microsoft Bookings...

Microsoft Bookings syncs with your Outlook calendar to send contacts a personalised web link that they can use to access and book time in your calendar. You then receive an email notification of the booking, which will automatically be added in to your calendar.

The app is flexible, with settings for how long you can book a meeting for, certain time periods where you can or can’t place a booking, and what level of calendar access you have.

In a meeting-heavy work environment it can prove to be extremely handy, saving time chasing people up to discuss availability. It can also very useful for secretaries and personal or executive assistants.

2) Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is clever automation tool that links other Office 365 apps or online services together for convenient functionality.

There’s a wide range of out of the box templates to choose from that allow you to quickly and easily create these handy links, known as "flows", for example:

  • You can take a picture with your phone and there’s a “flow” that will identify any of the text in the image, and convert it in to an email. Check out this template here.
  • You can use a “flow” to automatically save email attachments to OneDrive, so you never lose a document someone sends you. See this simple flow here.
  • For the busy or forgetful, you can set up daily email reminders using a “flow”. Get flow here.

Browse a full list of other out of the box flow templates here, and see if there’s anything in there that might help you or your business.

3) Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is quite a flexible tool which creates work groups where you can integrate with all Office 365 applications so you can share files, have instant chat functionality and collaborate in projects.

It also provides the ability to invite contacts from outside your company into a Microsoft Team, which can be really useful for projects that involve contractors, partners or high-touch customers or clients.

Office 365 Applications

To further explore how your business may be able to benefit from Microsoft Bookings, Microsoft Flow or Microsoft Teams, or any other Office 365 application, contact NetCare today - Sydney’s experts in business IT solutions.