Cybercrime is the number one external threat to Australian businesses

The danger of cybercrime remains a pervasive threat, with almost half of Australian businesses reportedly falling victim to an attack, according to the latest Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey.

Cybercriminals target businesses through their end users. Over 60% of economic crime in Australia is committed by ‘frenemies’ – cybercriminals who use information shared on social networks and other locations online to gain an end users trust. When end users unwittingly click phishing links, open malware attachments, or give up credentials and other sensitive information online, cybercriminals can bypass existing layers of security to successfully breach organizations' networks.

Businesses need a cost-effective solution that delivers the right security and cyber-awareness training to the individuals who need it most.

The Solution is Security Awareness Training

NetCare Security Awareness Training (SAT) - powered by Webroot - is specifically designed to help reduce the risk that Australian businesses face due to user error.

With ongoing, relevant and engaging cybersecurity awareness training, including phishing simulations, courses on IT and security best practices, as well as data protection and compliance training, businesses can significantly reduce the risks they face due to user error. Our Security Awareness Training ensures that people, processes, and technology are all harnessed effectively together to stop cybercriminals.

The SAT program includes a library of highly topical and relevant educational content, as well as an integrated online security management console and automated Learning Management System - helping organisations reduce risk, decrease infections and related help desk costs, protect their reputation by experiencing fewer breaches, and track their overall cybersecurity investment.

Benefits of our Security Awareness Training Program

  • Fewer Cybersecurity Incidents
    Security awareness training helps to reduce the likelihood of success of a phishing and other cybercrime attacks by educating staff on current tactics and defense mechanisms.
  • Proven Efficiency
    With over 90% of successful attacks being attributed to user error, educating users through computer-based training is proven to significantly reduce these odds.
  • Ongoing defence
    New tactics and techniques are constantly being dreamed up by cybercriminals. Ongoing user training ensures your clients are kept up to date on the latest methods of attack, so they stay on track and out of the headlines.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Security awareness training is not only best practice in many industries, it’s also a requirement for a number of industry sectors to ensure compliance with Australian and international regulations.

What sets our Security Awareness Training Apart?

  • Easy Set-Up Wizard and LMS
    The integrated learning management system lets you launch effective education programs in minutes, and schedule training and reports to run automatically.
  • Fully Featured Phishing Simulation
    Launching realistic phishing simulations allows you to accurately monitor real-world user responses, and focus training to users accordingly.
  • Engaging, interactive courses
    Succinct, easily-consumed, interactive courses increase end users' attentiveness, as well as the overall effectiveness of our cyber-security awareness training.
  • Tracking & Reporting Campaigns
    Measuring individual and overall success is key to any training program. The LMS keeps track of user participation and results, whilst training reports ensure accountability and value are always clear.

Access Our Security Awareness Training Today

The NetCare SAT program is delivered as a 12 month subscription service for only $2 per user per month, with tailored advisory services provided by our Professional Services team on an hourly rate basis during the implementation phase. For further information and inquiries, please click theContact Us button.

Learn more about what to expect from NetCare Security Awareness Training by watching this short video.

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