The ‘Dark Web’ is a threat to your business

The Dark Web is a name used describe the underbelly of the Internet. A sublayer that is hidden from conventional search engines, The Dark Web is a network of digital communities who operate outside of the regular websites that you’re familiar with – and whilst there are some legitimate uses for the Dark Web, it's most predominantly a marketplace for cybercrime.

And the commodity is digital credentials. These could be your businesses passwords, email accounts or sensitive data that have been obtained by cyber criminals, and are disclosed and sold throughout the Dark Web.

Protecting your business from the Dark Web

Unfortunately, most businesses will never find out their credentials have been disclosed illegally through the Dark Web until they’ve already fallen victim to a cyber-attack.

  • 85% of businesses with <1000 employees have been hacked, and most don’t even know
  • 80% of hacking-related breaches leveraged either stolen passwords and/or weak or guessable passwords
  • 2 BILLION email account credentials and 85 MILLION stolen personally identifiable information (PII) records (drivers license, passport number, DOB, etc.) for sale on the Dark Web

ID Agent provide a Dark Web Monitoring service that searches the darkest corners of the Internet for your businesses credentials. This is the industry’s first commercial solution to detect your compromised credentials on the Dark Web in real-time, and notify you immediately when these critical assets are compromised.

How Dark Web monitoring can protect your business

Dark Web ID combines human and sophisticated Dark Web intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyse and proactively monitor for your organisation’s compromised or stolen employee and customer data.

The platform safely connects to the Dark Web without requiring your business to link with dangerous platforms, and scours millions of Dark Web sources (including botnets, criminal chat rooms, peer-to-peer criminal networks, malicious websites and blogs, bulletin boards and illegal black market sites) to identify any stolen credentials – in order to actively prepare, predict and prevent cybercrime.

PREPARE – The more information you collect, the more valuable it becomes. Extensive logging reporting capabilities allow us to track and triage incidents and create effective policies and procedures to minimize risk in the future.

PREDICT - It’s not enough to simply be ready, you need to be ahead. The platform allows us to see industry patterns long before they become trends, and offers the intelligence to keep you, your employees, and consultants more protected.

PREVENT– Some attacks on networks may be inevitable, but they don’t have to be destructive. Proactive monitoring of stolen and compromised data alerts us when a threat is detected so we can respond immediately.

Are your digital credentials for sale on the Dark Web?

It’s a scary thought, and there’s only one way to find out. NetCare are proud partners of ID Agent and have successfully used their Dark Web Monitoring service to locate dangerous stolen credentials for a number of our existing clients, for just $100 per domain per month.

To take the first step toward protecting your business from Dark Web activity, please Contact Us today.