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Technology Success

NetCare Technology Success provides a comprehensive, strategic approach to managed IT service provision. We work with you and your teams to ensure your technology infrastructure will securely, reliably, and efficiently support the achievement of your business goals, now and into the future.


Accountability is key when it comes to IT support – and not just accountability around functionality, but also for reliable budgetary planning. NetCare Technology Success Support provides complete accountability.

Our support services are available on a fixed-price per-month arrangement. This allows firm budgets to be set, and more importantly, it means that NetCare takes responsibility and accountability for the smooth and effective operation of your IT systems.


Your IT infrastructure is critical to your business operations. Whether your concern is IT security, cloud-hosting, or regular day-to-day monitoring, NetCare’s Centralised Services team will ensure optimal functionality at all times.

If and when incidents arise, any work required to resolve the problem is covered in your monthly fee, including on-site work.


When it comes to IT, one thing is constant – change. NetCare’s Technical Alignment Engineers make regular, scheduled on-site visits to ensure that your technical infrastructure continues to evolve with your business requirements and goals.


Real technology success comes from working closely with your business leadership team. From technology strategy roadmaps to budget planning for business IT requirements, our team is focused on your success.

Support your business with Technology Success

  • Smooth transition process – we invest substantial resources to ensure all new Technology Success clients experience a seamless IT provider transition process.
  • No need to filter calls through authorised contacts – everyone in the business can contact us to report an issue or requirement (subject to your security considerations of course).
  • Keep staff focussed on their work rather than IT issues – you can rely on NetCare to take care of your IT problems.
  • Technology Success provides a simple cost-effective reason to encourage your staff to report all issues, big or small, so they can be addressed. In our experience there are always unreported issues, or niggling issues, or “when I get around to it” issues that at the end of the day affect business productivity.
  • We liaise on your behalf with your application providers (e.g. your ERP service provider) on issues that relate to the operation of their software.