Managed IT Services

NetCare provides industry-leading IT support and IT services to Sydney based businesses.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services with Strategic Guidance

NetCare Platinum best suits clients who value and need a comprehensive IT strategy and support service that includes regular scheduled on-site IT Support. In addition, all staff are able to directly contact the NetCare HelpDesk for their day to day IT support issues.

Your IT infrastructure will be monitored and tuned by our service team to ensure it remains in an optimal state, and when incidents do arise, our services for its resolution are fully included in your monthly fee, including on-site work.

NetCare Platinum also includes the installation of all new replacement hardware and agreed software.

You will also receive a full Chief Technology Officer (CTO) service, including consulting on new applications as well as quarterly Strategic Review meetings.

10 Sound Business Reasons for Choosing NetCare Platinum

  1. No unexpected bills - fixed monthly service fee helps with budgeting.
  2. Smooth transition process – we invest substantial resources initially for all new NetCare Platinum clients to ensure the IT provider transition process occurs seamlessly.
  3. No need to filter calls through authorised contacts – everyone in the business can contact us to report an issue or requirement (subject of course to security considerations).
  4. No decisions needs to be made about whether the task should be done by internal staff – just always get us to do it.
  5. It eliminates the need for an internal approval process before IT work can be actioned, so problems can be fixed more quickly.
  6. In our experience there are always unreported issues, or niggling issues, or “when I get around to it” issues that at the end of the day affect business productivity. NetCare Platinum provides a simple cost-effective method to encourage your staff to report all issues, big or small, so they can be addressed.
  7. We can introduce new system features that add to your business productivity as they become available without any extra cost attached.
  8. We will liaise on your behalf with your application providers (for example MYOB) on issues that relate to the operation of their software.
  9. All tasks are actioned according to a Service Level Agreement (including escalation procedures) ensuring you always receive our highest level of response times.
  10. If an ongoing intermittent issue occurs on a server or any PC, then the decision on whether to rebuild the system is not based upon the cost, because there is no extra cost. For example if the technical recommendation is to rebuild a server, then we do it as part of the Platinum service plan.
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