Cloud Backup

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NetCare Cloud Backup

NetCare Cloud Backup is a comprehensive service that ensures backups are performed consistently and reliably without daily human intervention. It provides continuous 15 minute backups to the NAS drive 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, so that the amount of data potentially lost is always minimized. This is complemented by an overnight backup of changes in your data across the Internet to a secure offsite location (for instance your branch office server or our NetCare Cloud Backup server at our Norwest location). The whole backup process is monitored by our system and alerts are generated if any problems occur.

This effectively means you’ve got two restore options available to you at all times – the on-site copy and the off-site copy.

We believe NetCare Cloud Backup is the “absolute best” backup option. This option is fully automated – there’s no human requirement to change media every day ever again and your data is backed up across the internet to our Netcare storage server here at Norwest. It works best when there is a high speed internet plan in place – but for clients with modest server storage requirements, backing up across the Internet using an ADSL2 plan is still viable.

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