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HP Server Warranty Renewal

Mar 26, 2018 Darryl McAllister

The standard HP server warranty is 3 years. In most cases, NetCare recommend utilising your server for 5 years - providing you continue to ensure business continuity by purchasing an HP post warranty renewal. ..

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5 Ways to Avoid a Phishing Attack

Mar 19, 2018 Darryl McAllister

Did you know that 90% of modern data breaches now involve a phishing attack? ..

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An SSL Certificate Helps Secure Your Network

Mar 06, 2018 Darryl McAllister

The reality of operating a business in today’s always-online world is grim, but simple – security must come first. We therefore recommend all businesses apply an SSL certificate within their network.  ..

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MYOB Cloud Version – 3 Reasons to Migrate

Feb 25, 2018 Darryl McAllister

For many years, the traditional MYOB accounting software was installed on your desktop and if you had more than one user, then the MYOB database was typically installed on your server so that everyone could access it. The question today is whether this is still the best option. ..

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Mandatory Data Breach Notification Laws

Feb 21, 2018 Darryl McAllister

Many Australian organisations are now legally required to notify affected individuals, and the Australian Information Commissioner, of any eligible data breach affecting personal information. ..

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Meltdown & Spectre: What You Need to Know

Jan 09, 2018 Darryl McAllister

Despite being only a few days into 2018, we may already be facing two of the biggest threats to our data security of the year. Researchers at Google Project Zero have released details concerning not one, but two separate exploits; "Meltdown" and "Spectre". Both exploits can be used to steal data from otherwise secure devices by taking advantage of critical vulnerabilities present in most modern CPUs. The scope of devices impacted is simply staggering - in fact, if you're reading this, then you are almost definitely affected. ..

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Power Protection

Nov 01, 2017 Darryl McAllister

November is the start of the electrical storm season in Sydney, so it's important at this time to check that your computer system and related communications equipment are well protected. ..

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Remote Access to Project Files

Oct 03, 2017 Darryl McAllister

A common IT problem in the construction industry is to provide fast and secure access to project files for staff working in the field. ..

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Backup Strategy for Business

Sep 12, 2017 Darryl McAllister

A report on the strategy you MUST have to ensure you can get ALL your business critical data back in a TIMELY manner following a serious server outage. ..

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Office 365 Migration - Mail Accounts

Jul 13, 2017 Darryl McAllister

In order to do so, we need to first identify the scope of the project by discussing with you the types of mail accounts you require. ..

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