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MYOB Cloud Version – 3 Reasons to Migrate

August 03, 2018  -  Darryl McAllister

Software | MYOB

For many years, the traditional MYOB accounting software was installed on your desktop and if you had more than one user, then the MYOB database was typically installed on your server so that everyone could access it. The question today is whether this is still the best...

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

July 19, 2018  -  Darryl McAllister

Office 365 | Software

Secure your mailboxes against advanced threats New malware campaigns are being launched every day, and Office 365 has a solution to help protect your email, files, and online storage against them. Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection can help protect your mailboxes, files, online storage, and applications against new,...

Freeware Software

October 12, 2016  -  Darryl McAllister


Recently we got a low customer satisfaction score from a client for a task one of our helpdesk analysts performed. Whenever we get a low score (below 3 out of 5) our Service Manager investigates further. On this occasion he found out that the helpdesk analyst had been...

CRM Software

September 01, 2016  -  Darryl McAllister


Over the years we've been asked many times what's the best CRM solution. Well to some extent it's like asking what's the best brand of car. These days, every car brand is well designed, reliable and safe, so it comes down to the features you need and...

Jiwa Support

January 20, 2015  -  Darryl McAllister

IT Support | Software

It is an unfortunate fact of the IT industry that anyone can set up business as an "IT expert" without qualifications or certifications. This can and does mean that computer networks and servers can be set up poorly. And this causes significant ongoing business productivity problems to the unfortunate business...