Slash your telco costs with a 3CX VoIP phone system

With the convergence of telecommunications and computer systems now all but complete, we have discovered over time that we are better placed than your current telco provider to implement the new generation of phone systems based on Windows software – not expensive proprietary hardware.

NeCare have been providing the 3CX phone system since 2010. In fact, it's what we use ourselves!

Here's the Top 10 Advantages of the 3CX Phone System:

  1. Easy to manage
  2. Costs less to buy and expand
  3. Greater return on investment
  4. Use existing hardware and make huge savings
  5. More features by leveraging Windows technologies
  6. Hardware & vendor independent – no vendor lock in
  7. Better fault tolerance through easy backup of your PBX
  8. 3CX Phone System is more scalable than hardware PBXs
  9. Better integration with other business applications
  10. Full call centre features

For full details view the 3CX Phone system brochure.

Further benefits of the 3CX phone system

3CX Phone System is an open standard Windows-based IP PBX that provides superior features and flexibility at a far lower cost and replaces traditional PBX hardware phones. It supports popular SIP phones, VoIP providers and traditional PSTN lines. 3CX Phone System's web-based management console makes it easy to configure, eliminating the need for expensive maintenance.

3CX Phone System includes a client (available for Windows, iPhone and Android) that makes call control, conferencing and other unified communications features a breeze. Users can manage their extension and their calls with just a few mouse clicks and avoid using a cryptic phone interface. What's more, you can log in to 3CX from any computer or smartphone to see the status and presence of other users from your office and any bridged offices around the world.

3CX Phone System includes an iPhone and Android client that allows you to make and receive office calls on your iPhone or Android smartphone from anywhere. Save on telecommunications costs by making internal office calls free of charge, and keep your mobile number confidential by using the office caller ID. Never miss that all important call by answering calls made to your office extension from anywhere.

3CX Phone System is available in several editions based on the number of simultaneous calls (internal & external) your company makes. Upgrades are activated instantly with a license key - there's no need to reinstall 3CX Phone System. For full details view the feature comparison table.

Download the Free Edition here.

For more information or advice on the 3CX VoIP phone system, contact NetCare today by filling out an enquiry form below.