It's business as usual for NetCare over the upcoming holiday period - except for the public holidays.

We'll be continuing to monitor all server backups and our helpdesk will be open from 7:00am to 7:00pm every work day to assist with your IT support requirements.

Get on the front foot for 2019

This time of the year can be ideal for completing important tasks that you keep putting off due to office disruption - like replacing an out-of-warranty UPS before it fails, replacing an old network switch with a faster new one, or re-cabling the server rack for faster and safer troubleshooting. Simply reply to this email to inquire about getting holiday tasks done.

It's also not too late to arrange for new computers to be installed over the holiday period so you and your team can be super productive in the new year - call our Design Desk on (02) 9114 9923 if you'd like details on our current specials.

5 Important Factors to Consider Before Going on Holiday

If your office is shutting down over the holiday period we recommend the following actions:

  1. Notify NetCare of the closure dates, so we can discuss and confirm arrangements with regards your server backup process;
  2. Discuss with us whether it’s a good idea (or not!) to power-down your servers;
  3. Keep the air-con ON if your servers are still going;
  4. Ask all staff to fully turn off their desktop computers before they go on leave; and
  5. Confirm that any remote access requirements are in place before you or your staff go off on holiday.

Thank you

In lieu of sending out Christmas cards each year, NetCare donates the Christmas card budget to a charity. This year we have again chosen the Warrah Society - a very special place for those living with a disability.

This Christmas, Warrah are raising funds to help renovate and extend their Discovery Centrefor young adults with disability. Improvements will include expanding the activity and learning workrooms, adding an additional fully accessible bedroom and bathroom and a portable hoist.