In late 2015, NetCare made the decision to start recruiting a team of IT helpdesk professionals based in the Clark Freeport Zone in the Philippines, to work alongside our IT engineers at our 2 Sydney locations.

The two main reasons for this strategy were:

  • Our clients are requiring increasingly fast response times to IT service requests and the best way to provide this is to over-resource the helpdesk team in a cost-effective manner; and
  • To free up our senior engineers in Sydney to work more closely with our client base on technology solutions that add real value to their business operations.

IT Helpdesk Team Members

NetCare currently has a team of 5 helpdesk team members based in Clark. Our first team member was Odel who started in February 2016. Odel has over 10 years of experience in IT support and does a great job as a Level 2 Helpdesk Analyst.

The next two members to join the Clark team were Jen and Jaime. Jen has Microsoft server certifications and is responsible for the monitoring of our clients’ backups, anti-virus, server alerts and hardware firmware upgrades. Jamie is doing an awesome job providing Level 1 helpdesk support to our clients and frequently scores a perfect 5 out of 5 in survey results.

In July, Leynard started in the helpdesk team as our second Level 2 Analyst. Leynard has worked in the IT industry for over 10 years so brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.

Our latest helpdesk team member is Wynner who started with us in October. He is currently going through the NetCare induction process with our Sydney-based service co-ordinator - Ash - who is currently on a 4-week secondment to the Clark office mentoring the team.

IT Helpdesk Systems

We're using the same technology at our Clark office as we have here in Sydney to provide a genuinely unified IT support based solution. The most important software solutions we’re using to provide IT support to our clients are the following:

  • 3CX VoIP phone system enabling us to easily route all incoming calls and readily see team member presence;
  • IT Glue documentation system enabling us to securely and clearly document the policies, procedures and processes for each of our clients in a way that makes the right information available to the right team members;
  • Autotask helpdesk and remote management software enabling us to record all work requirements and updates into a ticketing solution that is also fully integrated into the software that provides secure remote access to desktops and servers; and
  • Office365 to provide email services, internal document sharing (via SharePoint) and internal staffing updates (via Groups).

Staffing Strategy Going Forward

It’s important to emphasize that our strategy is not to REPLACE the service team in Sydney but to AUGMENT it. The goal is to increase our total technical team size in a cost-effective way so that we can continue to increase the levels of service we provide to our growing client base.

NetCare currently has a total of 12 technical staff – 7 in Sydney and 5 at the Clark office – and over time we expect that ratio to remain around 50%.

Similarly, for our sales team. In August of this year, James started with us in a Sales Support role based in Clark and he is now proving very effective in working with Nilssen on quoting, order entry and working with clients to ensure new computers are delivered and installed in a timely fashion.

What's your Thoughts on our IT Helpdesk Strategy?

It's our view that the addition of the Clark team has meant less pressure on our staff in Sydney and better service repsonse times to our client base. There have been some teething problems - which were almost always due to gaps in our IT Glue documentation system which we've been working on improving as issues have surfaced.

But that's our view - please let us know in the comments box below what your thoughs are on this important next step in the growth of the NetCare business.