IT Services on an As-required Basis

NetCare provides industry-leading IT support and IT services to Sydney based businesses.

NetCare PrePaid

Trusted and Professional IT Services on an As-required Basis

NetCare PrePaid best suits clients who want to have the reassurance of having ready access to a trusted and professional IT services provider without the need to have a monthly billing arrangement.

Typical examples of clients that have a NetCare PrePaid plan are:

  • Small businesses that have moved their IT to the cloud, but still need ad-hoc technical support and expert advice;
  • Larger companies that need to add to their own internal IT staff during periods of peak activity, leave absences, and/or projects; and
  • Organisations that want to test our service capabilities before committing to a Managed Services plan.

NetCare PrePaid entitles you to priority access to our professional IT services team on an hourly rate basis. It works like a pre-paid voucher and has a minimum purchase value of $1,000 (plus GST) with an expiry date of 12 months from the date of invoice.

NetCare PrePaid servce fees are as follows (note that all on-site work has an offset fee of $20 per hour):

Level 1 Engineer $120 per hour Examples: malware removal, email setup, software installation, Office 365 support
Level 2 Engineer $140 per hour Examples: troubleshoot internet problem, website design, applications software support, VoIP support
Level 3 Engineer $160 per hour Examples: optimize network performance, security audit, consulting

7 Sound Business Reasons for Choosing NetCare PrePaid

  1. You lock in our hourly rates for the full value of the voucher, protecting you from any price rises;
  2. You receive a "Terms of Engagement" that outlines our responsibilities and assures you we will always act in a secure and professional manner;
  3. We provide a secure remote access connection to your computers, so we can respond quickly and effectively to issues as they arise;
  4. Both remote access support and telephone support are provided in 15-minute increments so simple requests can be actioned cost-effectively;
  5. We don’t charge travel time for on-site visits (we have a minimum 2-hour service fee for on-site work);
  6. You have easy access to our Account Management team to ask no-obligation questions about your ongoing IT requirements; and
  7. You can request a PrePaid services statement at any time so you can monitor your IT expenditure.

Feel free to review our sample Terms of Engagement.

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